Comp : Union des tours PWA-IWT !

La PWA annoncait ce mardi 10 janvier, l’union des circuit IWT et PWA par voie de communiqué de presse. Une fusion qui n’est pas vraiment une surprise puisque le rapprochement s’etait déjà opéré depuis quelques saisons mais c’est maintenant officiel les 2 circuits n’en formeront plus qu’un avec près de 40 dates, des evenements de 1 à 5 étoiles (evenement local à international) et une super finale à Maui. Voici les détails et la réaction que nous avons recueilli de Simeon Glasson, le directeur du circuit IWT,.






Les circuit PWA et IWTvont donc fusionner en 2023. Un calendrier de près de 40 dates sera proposé melant  épreuves localesl 1 étoile, épreuve nationale 2étoiles, 3 et 4 étoiles pour les world cup et 5 étoiles pour la grand finale de l’Aloha Classic à Maui qui décernera les titres de champions du monde.


Le calendrier des 40 destinations sera annoncé dans 15 jours  mais l’on sait déjà que le Cap Vert, Cloudbreak à Fiji, Topocalma au Chile, Pacasmayo au Peru et la super finale de l’Aloha Classic seront programme. Omaezaki (Japon), Pozo Izquierdo, Tenerife et Sylt seront également sur la liste. Un classement par point sera attribué selon l’importance de la compétition.


Le titre chez les Pro riders hommes se jouera sur leur 3 meilleurs resultats ainsi que leur résulat à la grande finale à l’Aloha Classic à Hawai’i.
Chez les femmes leur 2 meilleurs résultats seront comptabilisés ainsi que leur résulat à la grande finale à l’Aloha Classic à Hawai’i pour definir le classement overall pour le titre annuel.





Nous avons recueillis les impressions de Glasson,  directeur du circuit IWT.


Hello Simeon, for our readers could you introduce yourself, your background in windsurfing and how did you become an IWT Director?


my name is Simeon Glasson. I was born in Sydney Australia. I learned to surf when I was 9, sail when I was 10, and windsurf when around my 12th birthday. I was instantly hooked. My best friend Jessica Crisp and I started windsurfing in Sydney harbour every chance we got. All through high school I raced one windsurfer class and various racing classes having a great time. After high school I went to university to study and got a BSC in Environmental Design and then a BArch with honours for Architecture. I raced slalom between degrees and loved the extra speed after all the course racing in high school. After graduating I started up an architectural design practice specialising in eco design. I went on to have an interesting career helping with energy efficiency and solar policies for state and federal governments. Long story short I was looking for a break from it all when Jessica was finishing up with her 5th Olympics and said, “let’s chill out and go wavesailing!” So we did. And I fell in love with riding waves. That eventually led to joining the IWT Wave Tour to compete in 2017. In Morocco tour founders Sam Bitner Wilson and Russ Faurot asked if I’d be head judge for the tour (I’d been head judge in australia for a couple of seasons). I agreed and was head judge for 2017 and 2018. During the 2018 tour they asked if I’d be interested in buying the tour and running it full time. I said yes and haven’t looked back.



What is the vocation of the IWT?


Founded in 2010, the IWT has grown to become the global organization for the wave riders, now running over 35 wave riding events across the world from Local, National, to International competition with the worlds most iconic waves. The IWT partner with the Duke Kahanamoku Foundation in Hawai’i to celebrate our surfing origins and the spirit of aloha. The IWT aligns with the WSL and the surfing world. We are wind-SURFERS. We are the WSL of Windsurfing.


Together we seek out the best locations, with the best wave riding conditions on earth, for the best quality wave riding competitions. Our ultimate purpose is to DISCOVER, SUPPORT, CHALLENGE and CROWN the worlds’ best wave riders. We’re taking the sport and its champions to a new digital generation.



In recent months we have seen more and more local events become iwt 2 stars such as in the French National Championship or the next King of Moule.
What is the interest for the IWT and the local competition?


From Local 1 Star events, to National 2 Star events, all the way up the pyramid with international 3 and 4 Star World Cup events, culminating in the richest, biggest and most spectacular 5 Star World Cup events at the very top of the pyramid. This is huge. This new global 5 Star pyramid structure is nothing short of a revolution in the sport of Windsurfing. For the first time the grass roots base is directly connected to the very top of the pyramid with a cohesive unified global sports structure. Celebrating and uniting all the passionate event organizers, athletes and fans around the world, all the rider communities on the planet, with over 40 wave events across 25 countries. The Rider Rankings allow any rider to earn ranking points at any of these events. Modest points at the smaller events, bigger and bigger points at the bigger and bigger events. Catering to all levels and generating a continuous Rider Ranking points system that links local riders all the way up the ladder to the top of the pyramid. An open and inclusive global structure, like those of PGA world golf and tennis with the ATP, harnessing all the sports’ energy and passion around the world. A structure that allows the best to start their climb from anywhere on earth. Offering all riders the chance to participate and the best to reach the top on merit, skill, just add grit and determination. This is global sport at its best.




The announcement of the unified PWA-IWT tour is just released, can you tell me more about that and your vision about this new adventures for the both organization? Hawaii is announced as the super final. Does this mean the Aloha Classic will be held every year?


The Aloha Classic was revived by IWT Co-Founder Sam Bitner-Wilson in 2011 and has run every year since. It will continue strong every year into the future as the grand final to crown world champions.





How will event stars be awarded? Are 5-star events events with prize money? How will events like Fiji or Chile/Peru etc. be ranked?


The final confirmed calendar details will be released in the next two weeks. I can’t comment on that until then I’m sorry 

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